Hi everybody,


I'm trying to write a SAOP server with SOAP::Lite 0.68.

I want my server to attach a file, like this:


            my $ent = MIME::Entity->build( Type => 'application/pdf', Encoding => 'base64', ... );

            return $ent;


When I tried this with SOAP::Lite 0.60, I saw attachment in my response:


            Content-Type: Multipart/Related; boundary="----------=_1155306721-4096-2"



            This is a multi-part message in MIME format...



            Content-Type: text/xml


            SOAP envelope



            Content-Type: application/pdf;






Now, with SOAP::Lite 0.68, I don't see any attachment.

Maybe my implementation is not up-to-date, but I don't find any example on the web.

Please help.