We have a firewall and the preferred method is to go through a proxy to get out. I have tried this:
$api->transport->proxy(http => $proxy); which yielded: FATAL ERROR:: proxy: transport protocol not specified

I have also tried other variations (as found at http://cookbook.soaplite.com/ and also in the SOAP::Lite PODs) which get the same result.
 Also, I have tried: $ENV{'HTTP_proxy'} = $proxy; which got: FATAL ERROR:: 500 Connect failed: connect: Connection refused; Connection refused at...
 so that appears to not even be setting it (our firewall doesn't seem to be acknowledging the proxy when I use this). The admins have tested out the firewall to check that it will actually pass through to the correct endpoints and they can't see the script even hitting the proxy.
I have been searching around and I haven't found any examples where someone has tried this and succeeded, so I'm not sure what the root cause is. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.