Thanks, Thomas.
I finally got it to work. A couple of things I found out:
If using an https endpoint, it seems that LWP wants the specified protocol to be https. This is different from what I read everywhere which led me to believe that specifying http would cover both http and https.
Also, since I was using a .pm which was built from the wsdl using, I needed to go into the pm to add the proxy info, as I was having difficulty accessing the http layer from my script. Not the best approach, but did the trick. I didn't have this issue with another script which is making SOAP calls, but is not dependent on a stubmaker-generated pm.
Thanks again!

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 8:37 AM, Thomas J. Pinkl <> wrote:
On 03/20/2011 08:58 AM, Sean Case wrote:
> We have a firewall and the preferred method is to go through a proxy to
> get out. I have tried this:
> $api->transport->proxy(http => $proxy); which yielded: FATAL ERROR::
> proxy: transport protocol not specified
> I have also tried other variations (as found at
> and also in the SOAP::Lite PODs) which get
> the same result.
>   Also, I have tried: $ENV{'HTTP_proxy'} = $proxy; which got: FATAL
> ERROR:: 500 Connect failed: connect: Connection refused; Connection
> refused at...
>   so that appears to not even be setting it (our firewall doesn't seem
> to be acknowledging the proxy when I use this). The admins have tested
> out the firewall to check that it will actually pass through to the
> correct endpoints and they can't see the script even hitting the proxy.
> I have been searching around and I haven't found any examples where
> someone has tried this and succeeded, so I'm not sure what the root
> cause is. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

SOAP::Lite uses LWP::UserAgent, so its proxy configuration applies.

My SOAP::Lite clients do something like:

|    if ($ENV{http_proxy}) {
|        $soap->proxy($endpoint, $timeout, env_proxy => 1);
|    } else {
|        $soap->proxy($endpoint, $timeout);
|    }

Note that the environment variable name is "http_proxy" (all lower-case)
and not "HTTP_proxy".

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