Hi list,

Several updates on SOAP::Lite::Simple 1.2, just hit CPAN:


SOAP::Lite::Simple                          Simple frame work for talking with web services
SOAP::Lite::Simple::DotNet       talk with .net webservices
SOAP::Lite::Simple::Real             talk with 'real' webservices, e.g. not .net

As usual feedback welcome.



1.2 Sat 6th Aug 2005
    - Updated docs - replacing soap:Fault with Fault/faultstring
    - Updated docs - lots of minor things and reorganise packages
    - added 'filename' option, instead of 'xml' for fetch()
    - fetch() now returns 1 or undef
        - use $obj->results() or $obj->results_xml() to get data

1.1 Mon 1st Aug 2005
    - Updated documentation
    - Added XML wrapper so can parse several top level nodes,
      removed before converting to SOAP Data structure.
    - Switched to check for Fault/faultstring, any Namespace
    - Added strip_default_xmlns which defaults to true
      makes parsing results easier
    - Added t/02_dotnet.pl