I'm working with a service that doesn't seem to play nice with SOAP::Lite when I try to use the wsdl.  I think I've narrowed the problem down to the complex data type that the wsdl is trying to create. 

from the output of stubmaker.pl:

SelectAll => {
    endpoint => 'http://soemsite.com/',
    soapaction => '',
    namespace => 'http://www.somesite.com/someservice ',
    parameters => [
      SOAP::Data->new(name => 'FilterCriteriaArray', type => 'ns:ArrayOfstring', attr => {}),
    ], # end parameters
  }, # end SelectMembers

in the _call method, it's trying to accesss this:
$self->serializer->as_ArrayOfstring($param, $template->name, $template->type, $template->attr);

in Lite.pm, package SOAP::XMLSchema1999::Serializer:
There doesn't seem to be a method, as_ArrayOfString.  I'm wondering where I should begin on where to fix this for my application.  Should I modify my output from stubmaker.pl or is this a place where a patch is needed in SOAP::XMLSchema1999::Serializer.  I was thinking of adding a method here for as_ArrayOfString.  I've just started looking at the internals of SOAP::Lite and I don't want to get started on the wrong foot.  Thanks for any input on the direction I should head.

Charlie Bowman
McClatchy Interactive