Following closely on the heels of its recent recognition by Gartner as one of the coolest vendors to watch, StrikeIron announced today a new flexible pricing model to enable live updates. The primary benefit of offering a one-time purchase model is to give customers the option of using a Web Service for a one-time event such as cleansing their current database by using StrikeIron’s US Address Verification Web Service. Please see the press release below for additional details. And as always please let me know if you are interested in speaking with StrikeIron. Thanks so much for your consideration.




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StrikeIron Expands Web Services Pricing Options with One-Time Purchase Model

Flexible pricing model enables live data updates for any on-demand application

Research Triangle Park, NC – March 21, 2006 – StrikeIron Inc., provider of the Web Services Marketplace, today announced the expansion of available pricing options with the addition of One-time purchase, enabling users of its diverse library of Web services to purchase a single amount of transactions to go along with its current monthly and annual subscription models.  The StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace allows developers and ISVs to integrate Web services into their on-demand applications, Web sites, smart clients, and other rich-client applications.  Users who subscribe through the Marketplace have instant access to a rich set of functionality and live data and can take advantage of simple purchasing, account management, billing, payment, security and usage tracking at the micro-transaction level consistently across multiple Web services.  For example, this pricing option enables developers and ISVs to provide one-time data cleansing and enrichment of their databases.   

A typical customer would purchase this option to use StrikeIron’s US Address Verification Web Service that is integrated within CRMfusion’s DemandTools for and currently available on’s AppExchange.  The tight integration with DemandTools allows for US and Canadian address verification as well as advanced post verification actions such as removing addresses from, creating a task for the record owner in case of bad addresses and creating events for the records that verified correctly. Upon completion of their integration and a one-time cleansing of their customer database, they would then upgrade to an ongoing, on-demand subscription to this service. 

“StrikeIron’s Web Services Commerce platform enables business to be transacted on the Programmable Web,” said Bob Brauer, CEO and president of StrikeIron.  “We’ve always offered real-time, on-demand solutions and after listening carefully to our customers we have responded with additional pricing flexibility to meet their needs.  We are committed to adding more functionality and features to the Marketplace as it continues on its explosive growth path.”

The StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace allows users to easily enhance the capabilities and value of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) deployments, increase ROI with CRM investments, improve data quality and data value, and expand the functionality of Ecommerce applications by integrating real-time external customer, company, and government data.  Examples include real-time address verification, email verification, 24-hour accurate reverse phone lookup, an executive decision-makers database, state and local tax rates, global SMS capabilities, residential and business data enhancement lookups and much more.

About StrikeIron

StrikeIron is the leader in the commercialization of Web Services, providing the world's largest library of externally available plug-and-play Web services. Built on top of a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use Web Services Commerce Platform, the Marketplace serves as a place for providers and consumers of XML-based Web services to publish, subscribe to, and build applications and Web sites using a diverse set of Web services.

Enabling a business model for the Programmable Web, the core technology provides self-service publishing and consumption of Web services, micro-transactions and usage-based billing, software infrastructure, multiple productivity tools, seamless integration for both individual customers and software technology partners, and a consistency of usage from multiple Web services across multiple vendors. The Aurora Funds, Inc. and NC IDEA provided funding for StrikeIron after recognizing the significant opportunity to invest in a technology firm leading innovation of the Programmable Web and Web 2.0. For more information, visit