Mike B. - 2004-05-13


I am pretty new to Perl and SOAP::Lite, still I figured out how to use SOAP::Lite, I can use https with crypt:SSLeay and I can use a proxy to get through our firewall.

Now the question: how do I combine those two ? Currently I can not use https over the firewall proxy, I only get an error message when executing the call:

500 Can't read entity body: Unknown error at C:\Tools\Perl\TransactionWebService.pl line 4

This is how my code looks like:

my $soap = SOAP::Lite
  -> uri('http://soap.tx.xxx.net')
  -> proxy($url, proxy => ['https' => 'http://proxy-server:8080']);
my $ping = $soap -> ping($language);

If I set the proxy protocol to "http" it ignores the proxy for "https", and even when I use
$ENV{HTTPS_proxy} = "http://proxy-server:8080/";
I get the same result, https and proxy do not work together.

Any hints ?