mattheww - 2006-10-17


I'm using cpan to install SOAP::Lite, however the straightforward install SOAP::Lite gives me difficulty when testing.  I haven't used any versions previously so I don't know if this is specific to version 0.69, but the following tests fail on my mac:
This tests various modules and two of them fail as follows:
Undefined subroutine &Apache::Constants::OK called at /Users/mattheww/.cpan/build/SOAP-Lite-0.69/blib/lib/SOAP/Transport/ line 565.
I would try and re-build Apache::Constants but
a) cpan says this is up to date.
b) it asks me where I can find your apache src
And I'm on a mac, so I didn't compile apache myself (and don't really want to).

Just wondered what anyone would suggest.  I'm new to SOAP::Lite and AFAIK this doesn't affect functionality, so I should be ok to force install.