#169 SOAP::Lite has some issue when accessed through CGI

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I have a SOAP call over the CGI and I get an error like

CGI Error
The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers.

I tried the same script by running from the command prompt I see that the script works fine. I made sure that Crypt::SSleay module is installed as well. Did any one face similair kind of issue. I am not able to get any much details from the LOG as well..

I tried with fiddler to get some infomation and I see it is a 502 error and see something like below in its log. Not sure if this error is associated.

No Proxy-Authenticate Header is present.
No WWW-Authenticate Header is present.

Any help is much appreciated.



  • Anish Kumar

    Anish Kumar - 2009-10-12

    I faced this issue initially in my LOCAL PC and when I installled Crypt::SSleay in my machine it worked fine. But even though in the server this module is installed the error is still there. My guess are

    1) due to some perl version
    2) any missing modules which is causing this issue or the version of any modules.
    3) Some setting is missing in IIS

  • Martin Kutter

    Martin Kutter - 2010-02-28


    this is very likely not a SOAP::Lite error, but an error in the CGI script using SOAP::Lite.


  • Martin Kutter

    Martin Kutter - 2010-02-28
    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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