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SOAP Anywhere is Starting Development Again in November

After a lack luster 2002 I have had a crazied 2003...In november I will restart full blown development on SOAPAnywhere and I hope to build a team to help with the software.

Posted by Jonathan Glanz 2003-09-28

0.995 has been released with support added for SSL and HTTPS

0.995 heralds the begining of real world usability with HTTPS support implemented.

Posted by Jonathan Glanz 2002-07-15

Developer's Guide will be released 7/7/02

A somewhat complete developers guide will be available in the docs section on sunday 7/7/02

Posted by Jonathan Glanz 2002-07-06

v0.992b Released

SOAPAnywhere, an open-source SOAP 1.2 implementation, has been developed as an easy to use Web Service solution with incredible performance. Jonathan Glanz, a member of the JAFWorks Team, is responsible for the architecture a nd development of the software. What separates it from other implementations is that it is written as both a standalone server and a server component, which can be plugged-in to any java application. We are currently getting 8% better performance then Apache SOAP.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Glanz 2002-07-06

WAR was not being distributed

It turns out that the WAR that allows SAW to be immediately pluggedin to any WebApp server was not in the last distribution. 0.993, which should be released tomorrow will fix this problem.

Posted by Jonathan Glanz 2002-07-03

HTTP Proxy Support

Proxy Support has been implemented and will be released in V0.993.

Posted by Jonathan Glanz 2002-07-02

Looking for Senior Contributors

Currently, the project is mainted by me (Jonathan Glanz[]). I am loooking for senior level contributors to help with things like bug fixes and feature additions. Specifically an encryption specialist would be great. Someone who is familiar with PKCS #1 #5 #7, so that we can add a high performance SSL transport. THe bottom line is that everyone is welcome. Just send me an email at

Posted by Jonathan Glanz 2002-07-01

Moving Into SourceForge

SOAPAnywhere an Open Source SOAP 1.2 Implementation is moving it's development into SourceForge.

Posted by Jonathan Glanz 2002-07-01