• Daniel Paul Hightower

    I'm considering reworking Jssee by moving it from vb to  We start talking about object oriented programming in and suddenly the code and the organization in this project is starting to make sense, not that I will have time to do anything besides improve Jesse.  Saddly and fortunately, most of the code in Jsse is select-case, something I plan on eliminating by use of arrays.

    • fuzinavl

      fuzinavl - 2005-10-09

      Whatever works man.
      What's Jessee?
      How's the progress on openglad?

      • Daniel Paul Hightower

        Jesse is a program written for Windows in OpenGlad Tools area.  It handles scenario information.  It's capable of creating thumbnail maps of scenarios or doing html maps of scenarios (maps will only work if you have the scenario graphics in the same folder).  My next version will eliminate lots of code simply by use of arrays.  The program is loaded with Select. .Case statements with the decision being what value to assign a variable.  My next version will eliminate that as well as start using a data file to create track of map tile information.  It's a chicken-and-egg problem for the data file since I plan on doing it in binary.  I had to create a new form to be able to edit/view/update the data.  I haven't coded the form yet; mainly I haven't had time.

        If I could convince my professor to let me turn in that form has a group homework assignment, it'd get done.

      • Sean Ford

        Sean Ford - 2005-10-11

        I havn't been able to do much with Openglad-e in the past month due to classes starting back up. Also working two jobs so I don't have much free time :(

        • Daniel Paul Hightower

          The stuff I am trying to work on is making my program as flexible as humanly possible.  Currently, all map tile information used by Jesse is hard-coded into the program.  The next version will use data files to eliminate lots of hard-coding of information.  The only thing that I will be forced to hard code is the smoother function.

          Right now, what I'm trying to do is working out the code to put controls on a form programmatically.  This way, I could hypothetically populate an entire form with the map tile graphics without the program having to know how many map tile graphic files there really are.


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