Im a bit confused, explain please

  • #1 Is Openglad still alive?
    #2 Who are still working on it?
    #3 Why the site does not get updated (if openglad is still alive)
    Those were my questions, someone please answer them

    • Sean Ford
      Sean Ford

      Well, it hasn't been abandon. Work on it has just been going real slow. Yan (zardus) and I are are the  main contributers to it right now. We are both full time computer science students, and I work two jobs during the quarter so finding time to work on it when classes are in session is very hard. Yan just got married over the summer, plus going to school full time so he has been busy too.

      The site will be updated when we have something cool to report :)

      I would love to have more time to work on it. CVS has some cool code in it. If you read other posts I am sure you have heard some of the stuff in it (unlocked resolution so you can play at 1024x768 and see a lot more of the map if you want, opengl rendering, a lot cleaner code that makes it easier to manage, etc). I will continue to work on it when I get the time.

      • I've been working on a new scenario editor in vb/  The biggest feature will be ease of updates:
        1)all information on map tiles comes from data files as opposed to being hard-coded into the program.
        2)all information on object graphics will come from data files as opposed to being hard-coded into the program.

        That's important because when new graphic tiles are created and/or new graphic is created for the same tile, the code doesn't have to be rewritten; only the data file gets adjusted.

        I haven't gotten around to displaying objects on the map yet.  I can do a thumbnail map view of entire scenarios (based on the existing gladiator radar function).  I won't get around to putting objects on the map for a long time - I'm near graduation and I want to get all the features for the map that I want working before I add objects into the mix.  I gotta finish coding the add new row/column feature into the mix as well as coding a a delete row/column feature into the program.  There's also other things I need to code into it: integrate the smoother function from one version of my program to the next.

        Right now, my new scenario editor does step #1, *but* I have entered data for 50% of the map tiles into a data file.

        I can output maps (minus the objects on the map) to a graphics file.  I'm building the scenario editor with the features I talked about in the gladiator message board: