Basic Strategy? Manual available?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I've been messing around with this game for a couple hours or so over the past two days, and still can't get very far. Can someone enlighten me to some basic strategies? I've tried a huge group of clerics and low level soldiers, and small groups of highly levelled fire elementals, but still haven't been very effective in battle difficulty.

    Also, is there a manual available for the DOS version of the game? I still don't understand what the various character classes and attributes mean in the game.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      A very powerful team can consist of two clerics (mutual healing) and a mage.  Unfortunately the early parts of the game are nearly impossible with just these guys.  So try buffering them with about five soldiers as you work through the early levels.  As they become more powerful, your soldiers will start to die off (that's ok - but remember to pick up their shields for the $$).  A couple soldiers might survive and become powerful themselves, but they will never compete with the "triad" of 2 clerics and a mage, and you shouldn't worry if they all die off.

      So in brief: start with a reasonably sized team, and carefully watch over a few of them until they become powerful enough to not need the team.

    • Daniel Paul Hightower

      I would invite you to visit

      Message archives contain lots of strategies.

      A few words of advice:

      1)bigger teams = less money to spend per member, but
      2)you can get clobbered by a large enemy contigent

      3)thieves are suicidal characters unless you constantly control them

      4)mages/archmages also need constant attention as they get into trouble frequently
      5)ditto for skeletons

      6)investing money in skeletons/ghosts on your team is risky because any level 4 (or higher) cleric can wipe them out when they're close

      7)Almost every time when you complete on of dph's legitimate scenarios, one of your team members will gain at least 1 experience level.


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