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Peter Maersk-Moller


This page is obsoleted by the new Snowmix website. Please find updated information and documentation there.

Version 0.4.5 Released

January 21st 2015. NEW version 0.4.5 is available. This version supports Mac OS X on Intel and Linux Chakra, Debian, Fedora, Linaro, Mint and OpenSUSE on i386/i686/amd64 and ARMv7 platforms. This version mainly updates and upgrades virtual feed and image commands and capabilities for overlay/mixing, but it also includes optimization especially for overlaying text. The version includes 17 new commands and includes a longer list of bugfixes, correct minor cosmetic errors, improving the bootstrap and compilation process. Also 2 new reference manuals has been written for this release. Details are all listed in Changelog. See also the Release Notes. Download the latest version here. The development plans are available here. As always, updated compiling and installation instructions are available. See Snowmix News for older news on Snowmix.

Guide to Snowmix

A new Beginners guide to Snowmix has been released. It is a good starting point for newbies and for those who seek an overview of entries to more advanced advanced information on Snowmix.

Are you using Snowmix?

If you are using Snowmix, then please tell us about it in forum. Then we will create a page with usage cases. You are also very welcome to leave a review of Snowmix.


Snowmix is a video and audio mixer tool for mixing live and recorded video and audio feeds. It supports clipping, masking, scaling and transparent overlay of video, png graphics and text. It also supports animation natively of scaling, rotation, coordinates, offset and transparency, though the animation is linear. However advanced animation can be done through advanced scripting. Snowmix is designed to be controlled over low bandwidth lines and can work as a standalone CLI based program. Control can be achieved over both CLI locally and remotely over a TCP connection.

Live and recorded video feeds can be fed to the mixer via GStreamer pipelines. Output can be accessed through output to GStreamer pipelines.

Snowmix offers its own basic command and control language to control audio and video mixing, a basic command set for scripting, but also has a built-in Tcl interpreter for advanced scripting. If you can imagine it, just program it. Remember Snowmix is a tool and as such, flexible as it is, it requires understanding and practices.

Snowmix is supported on the following platforms:

  • Mac OS X on Intel : Yosemite, Mountain Lion, Lion and Tiger
  • Linux on i386/i686/amd64/ARMv7 : Chakra, Debian, Fedora, Linaro, Mint, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu

Snowmix is currently being developed on the Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS amd64 platform. While Snowmix works with GStreamer version 0.10, currently Snowmix is being developed and tested with GStreamer version 1.4.x


Snowmix has a rather long list of features. Most of these can be listed here as:

  • Unlimited number of regular video feeds (input of video feeds), geometries and frame rate (only limited by the computer CPU and RAM).
  • Unlimited number of virtual video feeds (copies of regular feeds).
  • Unlimited number of shape based video feeds (copies of regular feeds).
  • Limitless scaling independently for width and height for all types of video feeds.
  • Handling of PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio) for regular video feeds.
  • Limitless rotation of virtual and shape based video feeds and images.
  • Rectangular clipping for regular and virtual video feeds.
  • Limitless clipping for shape based video feeds and images.
  • Support of complex shape and pattern based alpha blending
  • Unlimited alpha blending for all types of video feeds and images transparency included.
  • Unlimited number of vector based (font based) texts in any color on top or underneath video.
  • Unlimited vector based rotation and alpha blending of text.
  • Support for solid and shaded (transparent) background for text.
  • Support for changed shading of background under text also known as individual linear pattern shading.
  • Support for animation of text, images and video feeds.
  • Support for complex graphics, image and video feed drawing, clipping, patterns,
    gradients and masking using graphic primitives of the 2D Cairo Graphics library.
  • Support for simple and advanced scripting.

See also the development plans for plans for additional features.



Screenshot thumbnail
Snowmix in action for Copenhagen Suborbitals. Andreas Mogensen in the Cupola on ISS sending greetings to CS.
Screenshot thumbnail
Snowaudio, a GUI App for controlling audio in Snowmix.
Screenshot thumbnail
Snowscene, a GUI App for producing Live Television with Snowmix.
Screenshot thumbnail
Snapshot of test of feed cutouts
Screenshot thumbnail
Snapshot of setup with basic feeds.
Screenshot thumbnail
Snowoutput, a GUI App for monitoring output timing and buffers of Snowmix.


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