but i think you end it on a good note, i'm sure it's gonna be alright.
perhaps because i feel that i will keep giving those that i leave, some kind of hope, if i keep in touch with them.
Honestly I don't know. I mean you're literally grinning from ear to ear. >From there, we plan to drop by the now famous Phi-Phi island and Samui as the last point before we head back.
No matter how you would try to vary the task to make it more interesting, driving to work is nothing fun at all. Now I wouldn't want to end that last sentense with an "again" as that would give away the whole surprise right?
Even when one diddn't, with enough time and space given to each other, we essentially became friends sooner rather than later.
great to see u write again.
I spoke to some of my colleagues and they agree that just like relationships and life in general, its a cycle.
just with the ex-s of my bf's, hehehehe. After all, he chickened out of the relationship and then now what, kiss and make up? thanks for sharing Cheers!
But the last straw came recently when his current girlfriend started to bug me.
With all the stuff that I've been learning at work about how the world basically is run politically, I'm beginning to think that my late dad played the "game" too. I've even become the "ah-kor" for one of my ex's.
right will always be there. Some say dreams are a window into the future thus the whole idea of dejavu. Thanks for hopping by Cheers!
However, for those who have yet to be with someone, the temptation to wait for that perfect Mr.
Too much baggage, no? hehehedude, welcome back!
Some wounds almost never heal no matter how long it takes.
I've even become the "ah-kor" for one of my ex's. oh well, to each its own i guess sis Cheers! Each time I see an ex, I got the wicked joy that they are balding, bigger bellies and nope, no desire to make friends at all.
in term of relationship, i guess like what you say, patient and forgiveness. It's a statement we all have heard so many times yet it may not be applicable to anyone all the time.
But if the friendships start to interfere with our lives or becomes hurdles and actually prevent us from moving on properly, then it's just not worth it!
Lo intentamos pero no salio y no creo que lo volvamos a intentar. Honestly I don't know. althought we never end up as a couple, but at least i am grateful that we are still friends.