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SNOSS Development Hiatus

Welcome to the SNOSS web page. For a while SNOSS development has been very inactive mainly because there's only one person in the whole project :). If you want to check out the snoss svn (see the sf project). If you want to help develop for SNOSS then you're more than welcome, if you're interesting in this kind of thing then mail me through my sf profile (x_rob), perhaps I'll start up again if there are some other people to help or someone really wants it. If enough people requst it then I'll start it up again.

Posted by Rob 2007-09-30


At the moment, I am totally recoding the whole os Snoss. It is a very tough job and will take me some time. I am recoding it because the old one was very unsecure, there were near to no comments in the code and it's presentation was ugly. This time it will incorporate security at the centre of it's design. At present I have finished the sign up process, the login system with query strings and Cookies, the page loading, adding friends, sending and receiving messages and the basic layout. There are big changes in the back end of how pages are written so stay tuned for information about that. Once I have polish off what I have done so far I will think about adding support for modules and such and then start work on forums and groups.... read more

Posted by Rob 2007-01-08