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  • linus72982

    linus72982 - 2004-09-22

    I might not have any business messing around with snooping being that my PHP knowledge is VERY limited, but I will try anyway.  My question is, because there is no documentation on any of this, is this a server side or client side program?  And secondly, I have a site that I would like to link to from a buddy of mine's website, but the trick is, I want to fill in all the forms on that site.  Someone from webdeveloper told me about snoopy, so just seeing if it can do this.  The site is:
    and I would like to fill in the "Servicing IBO number" and the "Key" forms.  How might I go about doing this?  Thanks ahead of time.  PS - don't ask about the content, I have no idea what it is, this is a website for one of my friends that I'm helping.

    • Auzzie

      Auzzie - 2004-10-15

      All php is server side. The ambiguity comes in that snoopy connects to another server... so it all depends on which server you refer to. Either way, I'm not sure if this is the software you want. There are ways you could use it that might work.

      Snoopy is mostly ment to fill in a form, submit it, and do something with the results. It is not ment for filling out just one or two fields, and then redirecting a user to that form. That is mostly impossible. But here are some suggested solutions:

      1. 'Wrap' that page. Use snoopy to grab a copy of that page, and then print it on your site, with some added javascript filling in the data required (document.form.txtSponsorNumber.value= 123). All links would still point to that quixtar site, and /should/ work as normal- but this depends on how they have it set up. It is possible they do something funny with the sessions, cookies, and tracking IP address to make it not work when the IP address the Quixtar server sees changes form your server, to that of one of your clients.

      2. Try to figure out if you can fill out that field using GET's. GET's, incase you dont know, are the data passed at the end of a URL. eg: These GETs are handled server side, and used in generating the page. Often a site will have GET's that fill in parts of the form. I tried briefly but found nothing obvious for that Quixtar page. Perhaps you could email the web master?

      Hope this helps.

    • Auzzie

      Auzzie - 2004-10-16

      Actually, probably an easier way is to use javascript. you can have a javascript function that opens a new window, with that Quixtar page, and then inserts the value of the IBO etc into that page. not sure on the exact javascript, but I think its doable.



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