How do I use Snoopy?

  • Anonymous - 2004-02-17

    I have downloaded the file, now what do I do? I can't find any documentation on using it.

    Ive tried changing a couple of variables - host and uploading the file. Am I supposed to see the contents of the site speciified on Snoopy.class.php or do I reference it as an include on another page?

    please help

    • Anonymous - 2004-02-17

      Sorry for the vague post, I am trying to fetch one table from a webpage, everything else is not needed. the table includes all of the data I need.

      (the webpage fetches fine, and I dont want to strip out all html)

    • Joel Nothman

      Joel Nothman - 2004-02-26

      You'll need to use regular expressions to extract the table.

      the question is how many tables are there in this page? if there is more than one table, you'll need to work out a way to identify the table you want.

      Then you need to write an appropriate regular expression to match the table. See the relevant sections of the php manual or ask for more help once you can give us some identifying details or a copy of the page.

      - Joel


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