engelbrecht - 2008-04-14


I want to fill and submit two forms in succession.
Snoopy submits the first form (it is a wiki-login) correctly and the login takes place.
The second form makes problems. The form will be shown but the fields are empty and snoopy don't submit the form.

Please help me!

My Code:


include_once ("Snoopy.class.php");

class SnoopyLogin {
    function logIn($user,$password,$projectTitle,$issueTitle,$issueDescription){
        $snoopy = new Snoopy;
    $submit_url_l = "http://localhost/form_one/.....";
        $submit_url_i = "http://localhost/form_two/.....";
    $submit_vars_l["wpName"] = $user;
        $submit_vars_l["wpPassword"] = $password;
    $submit_vars_i["projectTitle"] = $projectTitle;
        $submit_vars_i["issueTitle"] = $issueTitle;
        $submit_vars_i["issueDescription"] = $issueDescription;
        $submit_vars_i["createissue"] = "createissue";