Error 302 - object moved

  • beteljuice

    beteljuice - 2007-08-04

    I am trying to archive weather wearnings, but Snoopy encounters:-

        [0] => HTTP/1.1 302 Object moved

        [1] => Location:

        [2] => Connection: close


    With of course no results and no eror reports, as you can see from above, this even occurs with the 'home' page.

    I've tried a 'double' call, which did nothing !

    Any ideas ?

    • sharp

      sharp - 2007-08-04

      What url are you trying to leech?

      • beteljuice

        beteljuice - 2007-08-04

        Any valid region eg.

        However; as stated the 'home page' headers[1]

        Responds in the same manner.

        • sharp

          sharp - 2007-08-05

          Well, it seems that they are using HTTP 1.1, an Snoopy has no idea how to work with this version of HTTP. I`m currently working on a personal php net client which should be able to handle both HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 1.0 ... stay tuned ;) should be available over (which is not working currently :P )

          • beteljuice

            beteljuice - 2007-08-05

            Thanks for the feed-back

            Even though it doesn't help me, at least it proves I wasn't doing anything silly !


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