Anonymous - 2002-11-26

I'm using my local PC (win2k) to do development, have PHP installed, am running IIS, and have gotten a simple php script to run, so life appeared to be good.  Now I'm trying to run a simple script using a snoopy class element (it's perfect for what I need to do), and have placed the file in a folder in the directory:  c:\PHP\includes, and made the appropriate entry in my php.ini file, but keep getting the message: Warning: Failed opening '' for inclusion (include_path='c:\PHP')

IIS is correctly reading the php.ini file (it wasn't at first).  Here's the line from php.ini:
include_path = "c:\PHP\includes"

I've tried simply running:
include( "");

I can't find anything wrong with this, but maybe there's something I've missed?