Pulling Story's From Gamespot.Com - HELP -

  • wiredconsole

    wiredconsole - 2007-08-07

    Hello people, i own a dynamic php/mysql based gaming site, i want to use snoopy to pull storys daily from gamespot.com and auto post them in my site,

    on the site backend there is a basic field to enter in the story etc etc,
    i am not that great with custom coding php or building a php script from the ground up or using a php script as an include, i guess i really need to brush on php all together, i usually pay to have things done but i really want to start learning, i was told to use snoopy,  that it's a great system and whatnot, would anyone be willing to help me out ?

    please ?


    - the noob guy.

    • shardnzl

      shardnzl - 2008-10-21

      What you need is Web_Content_Extractor_3.0.rar (do a google or baidu.cn search). It allows you to write your own rules-based website scraper that you can automate as a cron job.


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