• Anonymous - 2003-11-19

    I recently downloaded Snoopy.class.php.  I placed a copy of it in c:\php\includes.  In a script I attempted to invoke the fetch() method.  All I get is an error message that fetch() is an unknown function.  I tried include("Snoopy.class.php") with and without fully qualified path - and calling directly fetch($Arg) and Snoopy.fetch($Arg).  Nothing worked.  And not for nothing, but how do you configure this class to work on a host other than your local machine?  What happens when you finish development and publish to a webserver??? Anyone with clear examples please respond...

    Thanks in advance.

    • Viktor Lieskovsky

      First, you need to create an 'instance' of the class:

      $snoopy = new Snoopy();

      Then, you can call the class methods:

      echo $snoopy->results;

      I recommend you to read some articles on OOP in PHP (or in general).

      No additional configuration is needed after uploading it.


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