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Problems wit filesize

  • Ingo Rennberg

    Ingo Rennberg - 2010-05-28

    I have problems with post files larger than 3,2 MB. I need to post files with 150 - 750 MB! The configuration in php.ini is correct! File uploads (tested with 200MB) without snoopy working great.

    Does Snoopy needs the filesize to post a file?

    If yes, how can I do this, please? (I tried "fopen", but i think there was a misconfiguration). Please help, I am trying about 4 days.

    $snoopy = new Snoopy();
    $postVars = array();
    $postVars['upload_action'] = 'page2';
    $postFiles = array();
    $postFiles['upfile_0'] = dirname(__FILE__) . '/test.flv';
    $snoopy->submit('', $postVars, $postFiles);
  • tobo

    tobo - 2010-06-16

    Hi omnicron69,

    if you want help we need to see the form and maybe some more code.

    With the current version I created a upload script for myself and file upload of 50 MB works fine.

    With some servers I had some trouble as the boundary was not accepted the way it is currently set. See for more information.



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