window.location and URL expansion

  • vij

    vij - 2008-10-15

    I am new to Snoopy and I am trying to use it to build an Internet gateway. Its an inhouse research project.
    I plan to setup a site through which I can browse any site. the user always stays on my site.

    I found snoopy and was checking if it can handle all redirections and translate all URLs to fully qualified domain so that my proxy code can replace all URLs in the fetched page with my own URLs.

    I found following things:
    1. windows.location tag is not handled
    2. The sourceforge documentation says that snoopy code ver 1.2.3 can form fully qualified domain names, but that is not happening. Also the TODO file mentions that it is still a todo item.

    I need to know if you any updates on this. I am new to PHP also. So as soon as I start understanding PHP I will be able to modify the snoopy code.

    • McDope

      McDope - 2008-10-15

      no, snoopy is dead. if you want a update you need to do it on your own ;)


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