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Snoopy's future: help wanted!

Monte Ohrt
  • Monte Ohrt

    Monte Ohrt - 2004-03-25

    Hello fellow Snoopy users:

    It looks like Snoopy continues to be a popular library, although support for it has been very limited on my part for some time now. There have been numerous suggestions and patches that I just don't have the time to keep up on :(

    So instead of letting things get stale, I'm open to any bright programmers that would like to help continue the development of Snoopy. Just e-mail me your sourceforge account name and I'll get you the CVS access you need. You can contact me at: monte AT ispi DOT net

    Thanks, and I hope Snoopy serves you well!

    • Denzo

      Denzo - 2004-03-26

      I'd like to help. What features are most needed?

    • Monte Ohrt

      Monte Ohrt - 2004-03-26

      The first thing would be to look at all the bugs submitted and forum messages posted to see what needs fixed with the current functionality. As for features, I'm not sure what might be useful. I know SSL support was added as an afterthough using curl, there might be better ways to support that now...

      I added you to the developer list, denzo2.

    • Denzo

      Denzo - 2004-03-30

      Ok, I will have a look and contact you later. I'm currently a bit busy but don't worry, I'll make some time soon.

    • Gene Wood

      Gene Wood - 2004-10-16

      I've fixed most of the bugs and committed the changes to CVS.

    • Brent Rigsby

      Brent Rigsby - 2004-11-05

      I am willing to help in anyway I can have some free time and really love where snoopy is headed

    • Joe Schwendt

      Joe Schwendt - 2004-11-15

      I have made several fixes to v1.14 (out of CVS) in regards to SSL Submit Posts and Proxy Server Support.  What is the best way to submit them back to the project?


    • Joe Schwendt

      Joe Schwendt - 2005-01-07

      Is anyone still there?  I still have several fixes that I would desperately like to contribute back to this project as I plan to use it as a dependency in a new Open Source tool I'm working on.  Please let me know how I can get them submitted.


      • Monte Ohrt

        Monte Ohrt - 2005-01-07

        I can get you commit access to CVS. Your sourceforge ID looks like it ends with a "$", is that right?

      • Monte Ohrt

        Monte Ohrt - 2005-01-07

        never mind the "$" thing, you are added as a developer with cvs access.

        • Joe Schwendt

          Joe Schwendt - 2005-01-08

          Thanks mohrt.  I'll get started adding my features/fixes back into the cvs as soon as I can.


    • Alan Trick

      Alan Trick - 2005-05-29

      I'm just wondering what the story is on this. Is Snoopy currently in development? I'm using it for one of my projects and any development would be welcome :)


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