Kel Regor - 2007-11-23

Hi guys,

I am trying to post some values to a website, for e.g, and return the result for each value been posted. For instance, I have the following values that will be posted:

$email[0] = "";
$email[1] = "";
$email[2] = "";
$email[3] = "test@thrope";
$email[4] = "";
$email[5] = "";

I want the result for each of the values to be returned individually, for eg. $email[0] returns status 501 and $email[1] returns status 200 etc...Can that be done using Snoopy? If so, how?

And also, after I submitted the form values using the submit function, when I print the result:

    print $snoopy->results;

Error 501: Not implemented will always be returned and it seems to be happening to any page that I've submitted the data to. Any idea how to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.