Errors: Undefined variable & Undefined index

  • Scrooge

    Scrooge - 2003-01-10

    Notice: Undefined variable: postdata in /www/ on line 1122

    Notice: Undefined index: query in /www/ on line 290

    When trying 2 submit.

    • Tony Lembke

      Tony Lembke - 2003-11-04

      I have the same error message.
      Did you find a solution?
      Tony L

    • Viktor Lieskovsky

      For the first one, you can safely forget about that, it's just a notice, not an error. It says that the variable $postdata is not defined before the assignment is made. Its just not a plain assignment, its an concatenation-assignment operator ($postdata .= 'something'), thats why the notice.

      For the second question, the notice (not an error, again) tells nearly the same thing. You are probably submiting an URL which lacks the 'query' part. That means for example, without the '?' sign and the GET parameters. That's why it is issuing this notice.

      Anyway, I would recommend you to upgrade to Snoopy 1.01, it wont solve your notices but has another nice fixes.


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