Dersursine - 2005-07-15

I have a script that's designed to login to craigslist and check messages ive posted. It worked fine, but then suddenly stopped working.

After 30~60 seconds I get this error: Snoopy Error: Error: cURL could not retrieve the document, error 35.

The other fetch and submit() type calls work fine, but this one is messed up, anyways heres the code:

$submit_vars = array();
    $submit_vars['loginType'] = 'L';
    $submit_vars['step'] = 'confirmation';
    $submit_vars['originalURL'] = '/login';
    $submit_vars['rt'] = '';
    $submit_vars['rp'] = '';
    $submit_vars['inputEmailHandle'] = '**EMAIL ADDY**';
    $submit_vars['inputPassword'] = '**PASSWORD**';
    $submit_url = '';
    if (!$snoopy->submit($submit_url, $submit_vars)) {
        die("Snoopy Error: ".$snoopy->error);

I put the fetch in ahead of the submit call just to be sure they dont have any server side referer checking. I also checked their site, the account and everything. If anyone has any ideas what caused this error, or how I can fix it, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.