Strange extra code show's up

  • barock

    barock - 2007-05-25

    When executing the following code I get "1f4d" at the top of the line. Looks like some noise. How do I fix this?

    $snoopy = new Snoopy();

    $url = "";


    echo $snoopy->results;

    • sharp

      sharp - 2007-05-26

      Well, you load an XML file ... and then you simply try to display it`s contents .... nothing wrong so far ... but if your browser has character-encoding set on WESTERN and the XML has UTF8, you might get something like that... which is the signature of UTF encoding .... I`m not sure if this is the case ... but try to run the code again .. and play a little with your browser encodings... (View-> Character Encoding ->...... for FireFox Mozilla) .... lemme know how it went...

    • barock

      barock - 2007-05-26

      I've tried playing with the browser encodings, but still I get the same result as before. I've also tried saving the content to a file, but with the same results. And I've tried using some UTF8 encoding and decoding functions in PHP as well.

      Oh and I tried executing this in the following browsers: IE 6, IE 7, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

      I'm beginning to think that this is a bug in Snoopy.

      • McDope

        McDope - 2007-05-26

        often this happens if you use snoopy with HTTP/1.1 instead of 1.0.
        but sometimes i noticed this also happens when using HTTP/1.0

        i always thought it is my crappy code but if it happens to you too i will be a bug i think...
        as workaround you can cut the "crap-chars" out, e.g with substr()

    • barock

      barock - 2007-05-26

      After a further examination of the output from snoopy->results, there is more "noise" later in the contents as well, so using substr() is not a good solution, maybey only for this file, put I'm using this on a few hundred of feeds and the noise never is the same.

    • barock

      barock - 2007-05-28

      This seams to be a bug in WP 2.1.X, after the user update to version 2.2 this extra code is gone.


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