Ron K
  • Ron K

    Ron K - 2001-04-20

    Has any one used this class for other forms of authorization? Say sending cookie info? Basic authorization works great, as this is supported. But authorization say to a cgi script that vaildates against a database has me stumped. The sites I am try to submit to are behind protected area's. I login in to the main and then have to go to anothr page to submit to a form. And I can not login in to the submit form or send the submit info with snoopy as it's not a page by page authorization. Does that make sense?

    I know snoopy can send cookie info. But how do I take the cookie information I've gathered with my browser and translate it and send it back to the site? Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2002-10-21

      I second this! How?

      • Chris Davenport

        Chris Davenport - 2002-11-26

        After logging in with something like

        $snoopy = new Snoopy;
        $submit_vars["username"] = "me";
        $submit_vars["password"] = "mypassword";
        $snoopy->submit ($submit_url, $submit_vars);

        This will return cookies to you which you can return in
        subsequent calls like this:

        $snoopy->setcookies ();
        $snoopy->fetch ($another_url);

        and so on.

        Hope this helps.

    • P!@y3r

      P!@y3r - 2007-04-13

      i want to authenticate to a phpbb board. using snoopy.

      when i sent the username and pass, you had said it return the auth cookie..

      Where will it be stored..

      if i just use this function..will it be send to sucessive requests?

      $snoopy->setcookies ();

    • Alexis Mellone

      Alexis Mellone - 2007-10-03

      what about NTLM authorization ?
      is there a way to support it ?


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