Can't read HTTPS

  • mrock

    mrock - 2011-05-13

    I am trying to read rss feeds inside our wiki application.
    I am using magpierss-0.72 and Snoopy v1.0
    I am able to read the HTTP feeds, but I get an error on the HTTPS feeds.
    error: "Failed to load RSS feed from HTTPS://…"

    I am able to read the HTTPS feed via the browser.
    As another test, I edited the wgetrc file and added the proxy I.P. to HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY, and when I did a wget from the command line on the server on the HTTPS location, it read just fine.

    I edited the file and added the same proxy I.P. to var $proxy_host. I also set var $proxy_port. And I set var $_isproxy = "true" (although that didn't seem to affect anything either way)

    Do you have any ideas how I can get this to work?

    Thank You

  • Gene Wood

    Gene Wood - 2011-05-13

    Can you paste in the code you're using, the URL you're trying to hit, and any changes you've made to the Snoopy class itself (a diff would work)? Are you trying to access the rss feed through an https proxy?

  • mrock

    mrock - 2011-05-17

    This is the code I am using in the wiki:

    This is what it is displaying:
    Failed to load RSS feed from!
    Failed to load RSS feed from!
    Failed to load RSS feed from!

    It works fine for HTTP

    this is what I modified in  /extensions/Rss/magpierss-0.72/extlib/

            var $host                       =       "";               // host name we are connecting to
            var $port                       =       8083;                                   // port we are connecting to
            var $proxy_host         =       "";                                  // proxy host to use
            var $proxy_port         =       "80";                                   // proxy port to use

            var $_isproxy           =       true;                           // set if using a proxy server

    Additionally, in NetworkSpecificSettings.php I added:

    ##************ Rss Settings  ****************
    $rssProxyHost = "";
    $rssProxyPort = "80";

    but I don't think it is needed.

    thank you for taking the time to look into this.
    it all works from the command line if I do a wget

  • mrock

    mrock - 2011-05-17

    I am behind a firewall.

  • mrock

    mrock - 2011-05-17

    Does Snoopy version 1.0 support https. I read somewhere that it started in Version 2.0

    I also saw this regarding snoopy ver. 1.0:

    SJM - alpha-grade changes based on the version of Snoopy released with MagpieRSS 0.7

    comments to

    Two additions:

    1) If this is PHP 4.3 or greater, and 'openssl' is available,
       use the PHP built in SSL support for "https" instead of calling curl externally.
       Use of external curl can still be forced by setting $use_curl = true.
    2) HTTP Digest Authentication.  If you set a username and password, basic auth
       will be tried first.  If that fails, and the server sends back an
       WWW-Authenticate: Digest header, the request will be retried with the appropriate
       digest response.  Only qop=auth is supported, with MD5 as the algorithm.
       I realize that sending basic auth first, and then following up with a digest
       challenge-response kind of defeats the purpose in terms of security.

  • Gene Wood

    Gene Wood - 2011-05-19

    mrock613, good point on the wget test. Unfortunately I don't have a proxy server setup at the moment I can test against. I'll work on bringing one up and seeing if I can reproduce what you're getting and figure out the cause.


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