What an excellent class !

  • Roman2K

    Roman2K - 2005-06-30

    Congratulations for your work on Snoopy. It was I was looking for for a long time, thank you a lot : I love it :-).

    • Gary Bickford

      Gary Bickford - 2005-07-05

      I had built a basic webpage-grabber using fsockopen() (for an authorized download from another company.)  Getting it to work initially was easy, but then I discovered that the site I needed to get data from was using multiple ASP cookies.  I spent about 1/2 day trying to get my code to do the cookie dance in such a way as to persuade the other site to dance along.  In some frustration, I searched the net and found Snoopy.  I spent 1/2 hour restructuring my code to use it, and it worked the first time!  I actually spent more time looking at the Snoopy code to try to figure out how it was doing things than I did incorporating it. 

      One of the items in the Help forum showed me the short incantation of Snoopy that I needed, which I repeat here in the form I used it.  It couldn't be simpler!
              $s=new Snoopy;
              if ($s->results)

      If there is a disadvantage to Snoopy, it is that I still don't quite 'get' how it works, and I didn't learn the deep grokness of how to use fsockopen().  I'll just have to put that on my list of things to do later, on my own time. I'm in a production environment, so getting things running takes priority.


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