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SNMPY alpha-4, the "whattheheck" release

What the heck. distutils makes it so easy to do a release, may as well just bundle up what's working now.

Alpha-4 is now available, from the download page on sourceforge.

This is the first release in quite a number of years - it's probably got some "issues". I need to start trawling through my old email messages to find any bugs or enhancements that I missed out on - these will form part of the next release.

Posted by Anthony Baxter 2001-03-26

SNMPY now working against net-snmp 4.2, python 2.0

I've mostly completed the port of SNMPY to use net-snmp 4.2. It also builds with Python 2.0, and distutils.

Code is currently available via CVS, from

Once I'm a bit more comfortable with it's stability, I'll make a new release available.

Testing and feedback welcome.

Posted by Anthony Baxter 2001-03-26