#47 HP 3800 detection

Robert Kerr

We have an HP 3800-24SFP-2SFP+ which SNMP::Info detects as J9584 rather the actual model name. This is a bit odd as the official model number is J9584A and this is already listed in the MODEL_MAP. I don't know whether this is a bug in one or many firmware versions for the 3800, a change in naming policy by HP or something else entirely.

I also notice the MODEL_MAP is out of date again - it's missing at least the 2920 series.


  • Jeroen van Ingen

    The first issue you describe is caused by an inconsistency in the MIB provided by HP.

    To be specific: in HP-ICF-OID-MIB (hpicfoid.mib file in the netdisco-mibs repository), almost all hpEtherSwitch leafs have "hpSwitchJddddX" as object-identity. For example the 2915-8G-PoE:

    hpSwitchJ9562A OBJECT-IDENTITY
        STATUS      current
        DESCRIPTION "The authoritative identifier for the
                    J9562A HP 2915-8G-PoE Switch."
        ::= { hpEtherSwitch 118 }

    ...but all models in the 3800 series are missing the "A" suffix in the object-identity. Because of this we don't get a full match in the MODEL_MAP.

    I'll fix this in the hpicfoid.mib copy as distributed in netdisco-mibs.

  • Jeroen van Ingen

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • assigned_to: Jeroen van Ingen
  • Jeroen van Ingen

    MODEL_MAP updated with 2530 and 2920 series; commit in git repository and should be included in SNMP::Info 3.04.

    The "J9584" name should be fixed by updating the mibs to the lastest version in the netdisco-mibs repository.