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Version 1.0 of snirc is released!

Thanks to the diligent work of the snirc team, version 1.0 of the applet is now available. It sports an cleaner codebase (thanks Carlfish, Halcyon and Bryan).

The following changes were implemented.

o support for /ns /cs /ms, added op commands
o finally implmented ignore
o made prettier
o fixed scrollbar bug
o default quit message changed

A big thank you to everyone involved in this project.

Posted by Tony Miller 2004-08-03

Welcome to Bryan W

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Bryan W to the team. This will inject some new life into this project.

Posted by Tony Miller 2003-12-01

Welcome to Charles Miller

Let's welcome Charles Miller (Carlfish) to the snirc development team as a developer and release manager. Charles brings a myriad of skills to the team. Give him a warm welcome.

Posted by Tony Miller 2001-08-09

Release 0.7.2 is available

This boasts a few new features

o A selectable Channel List URL and Help URL defaults to my help page and valinor's list.

o A new feature where if you do not supply a <PARAM NAME="channel"... parameter, the applet flashes up a channel dialog so the user can choose.

o The DocumentBase (the Web page that the applet is hosted on) is included in the /whois of the user in the "realname" field. This will make life easier to our helpers.... read more

Posted by Tony Miller 2001-08-06

snirc 0.7.1 released

The newest version of snirc is released. This incorporates a few changes:

Help URL settable by <PARAM...
List URL settable by <PARAM...

MOTD encourages folks to register their nicknames.

Posted by Tony Miller 2001-07-27

SNirc is now open source (BSD)

The SorceryNet IRC Java applet has just been released as open source with a BSD license.

Posted by Tony Miller 2001-07-06