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Daniel P. Dougherty

The Snifflib numerical library provides honest-to-goodness N-dimensional array construction and manipulation along with standard linear algebra functionality as well as statistics and computational routines in the JAVA language. It is implemented in pure JAVA and released under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0.

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HelloSnifflib.jar compiled as a Groovy Script in groovyConsole
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HelloSnifflib code run as native MATLAB script
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All commands saved in HelloSnifflib.m script run in batch in MATLAB session.
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Velocity flow profile of Morris-Lecar model of neuronal actvity as computed by v7.0 of Xppaut.
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The states Washington, California, Nevada, and Utah as GridElements rendered by an SLPolyRegion.
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Plot of a Delaunay triangulation of a 2D space-filling Halton sequence using Snifflib.

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