Epilog for *nix 1.5 has been released

Epilog for *nix 1.5 (Linux and Unix, including Solaris) has been released. The major features of this release are:

  • Glob support for file names (aka Wildcard support, only better)
  • RHEL6 support
  • Support for non-privileged use

Globbing is quite a powerful pattern matching tool for files, please checkout the following link for more details on how globbing works.


Here are a few quick hints to get you started:

  • The '' character acts as a plain wildcard, matching zero or more characters, e.g. /data/filename.txt will match filename.txt and filename1234.txt
  • The '?' character will match one and only one character, e.g. /data/filename?.txt will match filename1.txt, but NOT filename.txt or filename1234.txt
  • Square brackets can be used to specify a character class (similar to a regular expression) that will match one character, e.g. filename_[a-z].txt will match filename_a.txt, but NOT filename_aa.txt or filename_1.txt

Any questions, head over to the forums and leave us a message.

Regards, David.

Posted by David Mohr 2012-01-11

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