SnapRAID.Q.parity is smaller than the expected

  • therealjmc

    therealjmc - 2013-10-21


    I think I stumbled upon a Bug - or at least a strange behaviour. I ran sync today and the Q.Parity Drive wasn't attached. Snapraid said it has to add some files and then said "Error opening parity file 'V:/SnapRAID.Q.parity'. No such file or directory [3].
    WARNING! Without an accessible Q-Parity file, it isn't possible to sync." OK, that's reasonable. Attached the drive and wanted to sync again - and snapraid then says "SnapRAID.Q.parity is smaller than the expected" - running a diff says that no files are changed... But now the snapraid is degraded - from what I understand at least. I'm running a check right now to see if there are any errors reported, otherwise I will delete the q-file and run a sync again. Seems like the only way to fix this?!

    (Running 4.2)

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  • Andrea Mazzoleni

    Hi therealjmc,

    Yes. You went to a strange condition. The check that SnapRAID is doing is too strict. I had to relax it to allow to recover.

    To fix that you can use the beta 4.4 available at and just rerun the sync command.


  • therealjmc

    therealjmc - 2013-10-22

    Hi Andrea,

    I'm currently running 5.0 Beta (since my 600GB Truecrypt container changes almost daily I wanted to test the updated blocks only impact) - using the 5.0 build from yesterday will include this "fix" in 5.0, too? History doesn't say anything about it.


  • Andrea Mazzoleni

    The one present now also contains the same fix.



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