#95 resolved sdi only install issues with drivers from factory


Factory Intel display driver listed as older but more optimal; installer warns that the intel audio and hd graphics were newer so I didn't upgrade. Factory Touchpad and password utility were listed as more optimal and installed 'toshiba system driver' to cover TVALZ_O installation as in general such an install can leave systems not booting if versions do not match. SDI had a newer "Synaptics SMBus Driver" I installed after the factory touchpad driver.

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  • Joodleberry

    Joodleberry - 2016-11-10

    what do you think the issue is?

  • Edward Sanford Sutton, III

    TVALZ_O.sys if installed from a wrong version for a laptop will give anything from uninstalling the old and failing to load the new driver until reinstalled as the correct version (dad's vista laptop does this, but only tested as an upgrade as I have not installed a fres Windows on it) and goes up to as bad as system will not reboot successfully (only tested on fresh Windows installs that I can recall), usually to the point where it cannot load far enough to use system recovery. Seems to be related to getting other Toshiba usulities to hook in to the system properly and I don't know of it showing in device manager as not installed but gets very ugly on the mistake (which I have watched coworkers make time and time again). It should really either get special handling or get some kind of major warning. I'd have assumed it would be part of zbad or zsdi packages due to its issues but if the driver collectors don't often work with Toshiba laptops then it likely gets overlooked.
    The touchpad issue I'd guess either attaches the wrong version, wrong brand, or somehow misses something the factory one sets up but that is just a guess on my part. I've seen SDI selection logic change after a factory driver installs so SDI picks different drivers as appropriate after
    I now don't remember if I had an issue with graphics too or not but I still run into laptops being a really flakey aspect for SDI to get the correct drivers, so it only works most of the time instead of always. :D


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