#106 Lenovo ThinkCentre M800z


Iv got problem when Im trying to install USB3 drivers for windows7 x64 bit on Lenovo ThinkCentre M800z.
When I use older snappy pack "R439" it is able to find working driver(although x86 driver for x64 platform) but that driver is functional. I must choose "Show invalid" but it will install driver.
With latest version of snappy "R513", its unable to find USB3 nested device on Lenovo ThinkCentre M800z.
Details in screenshot.

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  • Edward Sanford Sutton, III

    Attaching logs may be helpful to the developers. I hadn't noticed that the options on the bottom left are now gone from mine too in current versions. I have had occasional need to install 'invalid' drivers to properly complete a task though it does usually just contain a list of invalid/trouble-causing drivers. R493 appears to be missing those options too.
    Wish I better understood the Intel USB 3 handling better to also know if there are any needed steps to manually update/add intel drivers to the package sets and also wonder if SDI's hadling of intel usb3 doesit with only packages of intel usb 3 drivers stol or not.

  • Edward Sanford Sutton, III

    The .snp files allow developers to load SDI into a simulated state of seeing your hardware. If you have those before/after install it may help them though I never found out what really is the 'best' way to report issues yet. I presume you just get an error that it is not installed and not found in SDI without the 'show invalid' option correct?
    If you try to download the original manufacturer driver, you can use 7zip to extract the archive/executable contents to a directory and then point SDI at the folder with "Select driver dir..." and if you have a pre-install .snp file, you can still see what SDI would have said was available by clicking "Load Snapshot..." and pointing it at the .snp file. Before getting too excited, Intel USB 3.0 have required special handling in SDI to avoid bluescreens since Intel drivers are written to like to attach to wrong hardware if left to make their own decision so just making a custom package to use on other machines too may not be safe but could lead to another addition through the official packs to get your driver working out of the box. Maybe the coders and packagers can speak up in more accurate detail.

  • Dada Latrasova

    Dada Latrasova - 2016-11-10

    Huh, this is getting little overcomplicated. My impression was...post info about HW, show whats working with old version of snappy through the screenshot(or add log), whereis path and exact detail about somehow functional driver. Now, I somehow expect, that staff or author behind snappy just simply look at id of driver, compare it with lenovo driver on their driver support page with intel drivers...and then update driver packs for new R515... case closed :)


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