help running snapix

Last Hope?
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i download snapix the other day. but i put disk in windows computer, turn on and it dont run. how to do it?

    sorry about my english. 3 year what do you say? hi school? student from france

    • Kevin W. Shockey

      Hey great to hear from you!

      One of the keys to getting SNAPPIX to work, is making sure your computer is configured to boot from the CD.

      It can also be tricky getting the CD inserted into the CD Drive before your machin boots. You can try booting into windows, then insert the CD and restart your machine.

      Restart your machine by  clicking on the Start button, select "Turn Off Computer". When the "Turn off computer" dialog box appears, select "Restart". Your machine should shut down and restart, hopefully booting from the CD-ROM Drive.

      If it still doesn't boot, then you will need to configure your BIOS to check the CD-ROM Drive first for a bootable system.

      Let us know if this doesn't fix the problem.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thank you for help

      i very new to computer. my friend from school help me with bios.

      snapix work well. i really like snapix grafics. very cool.

      now i have to learn use eclipse :-)

    • Kevin W. Shockey

      I'm glad you got it working. Make sure you tell all of your computer loving friends about SNAPPIX. Our vision is to make it the most popular way to learn to program open source software.

      We hope to add in some documentation and tutorials soon. We'll try to include some about Eclipse.

      Have fun, and happy computing!


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