I have curiosity about some things

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  • rimugu

    rimugu - 2005-05-19

    I have curiosity about some things, perhaps you could help me:

    -Is there a reason for snapplatform.org to use PHP instead o JSP? (After all, SNAP has a JSP container)

    - Is there a plan to launch SNAP for Windows? (Some of us cannot change to Linux, even if we want to)

    - Your tools selection makes me ask, why did you selected SableVM and Jikes instead of Kaffe and GCK?

    - Could you provide some screen captures? There should not be much difference with an Eclipse + Sun JDK environment, but there should be something to show where a difference is visible.

    -Eclipse 3.1 is not ready yet and the same for the Eclipse Web Tools, but is there some plan to incorporate those into SNAP?

    Keep up with the good work (I hope to test it soon).

    • Kevin W. Shockey

      I'll take the first question...

      More than anything it is out of convenience. A while back, when we first started the project we received free web hosting from 1 & 1. Although we had plans to launch a site locally here at the Inter American University, after working here for a while we realized that the bandwidth was not as good as we hoped for. So we decided to keep the domain where it was, unfortunately 1 & 1 does not provide access to Java, therefore we coudn't use any Java. :(

      So we made do with PHP, being open source we still felt that it was consistent with the goals and ideals of the project. We have plans to launch a demonstration web site soon to show off the capabilities of the SNAP Platform as a web architecture. It will feature SableVM, Classpath and Tomcat. Our hope is to demonstrate the compatibility of the SNAP Platform by using one of the content management systems available in Java.

      Great question, thanks for visiting and asking...

    • PJ Cabrera

      PJ Cabrera - 2005-05-20

      Hello Fabian,

      Thanks for visiting our forum! Kevin already answered your first question. I will answer the rest.

      -- Question #2 - Windows support

      We do plan to support Windows in the near future. Jikes and Eclipse already are available in Windows executable versions, so only SableVM and GNU Classpath remain to be ported.

      SableVM recently made some changes to their code, which should ease the risk in porting to Cygwin. Next week, I will begin research into this task.

      -- Question #3 - Why SableVM and Jikes?

      When we started to put together SNAP Platform 0.1, I chose SableVM, because it was the only open source VM that worked immediately for me. :-)

      This was last summer, and Kaffe 1.1.4 was the last release. It did not compile for me. And I could not get the pre-built packages to work reliably in Debian or Red Hat Linux distros at my disposal. But SableVM always worked well and compiled without issue.

      As for Jikes versus GCJ, I had been a Jikes user for many years before we started SNAP, so it had instant credibility with me.

      -- Question #4 - Screen captures

      We will be providing screenshots of applications that run under SableVM in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion.

      You are correct, by the way: there should be very little difference in how applications look between SableVM / GNU Classpath, and Sun's JDK. But for the record, GNU Classpath is not fully implemented yet, and some GUI bugs remain.

      -- Question #5 - Eclipse 3.1 and future updates

      Once a particular open source tool gets integrated in SNAP Platform, we will work to keep it up-to-date with the latest stable features and bug fixes. We will consider making new releases of SNAP Platofmr once we have successfully tested any new core components such as Eclipse, with the rest of the SNAP Platform stack.

      One of the future features of SNAP Platform is self-updates. It would be nice to update core components without having to prepare a whole new release. As SNAP Platform grows and adds more components, the ability to just download updates for the components you have installed is better than having to download and reinstall a whole new release.


      As for testing SNAP Platform, we will be releasing SNAPPIX at the end of this month. SNAPPIX is a Linux LiveCD based on KNOPPIX, with SNAP Platform pre-installed. That will let you run and see the SableVM open source JVM and the GCJ and Jikes open source Java compilers in action, without having to install Linux on your computer.


      If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. Soon we will add your questions and the answers to our FAQ at http://www.snapplatform.org.


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