Insider Pages Leaves To Bay Area

  • Kevin W. Shockey

    Insider Pages Leaves To Bay Area
    Pasadena-based Insider Pages today announced that it is moving to Redwood Shores, as a result of a recent $8.5M investment round. Insider Pages said that it will relocate the company to Redwood Shores after receiving $8.5M in venture capital funding from Sequoia Capital and Softbank, along with Idealab. Insider Pages was originally an Idealab project company, headquartered in Pasadena. The firm provides local search recommendations based on recommendations of friends and acquaintances, and competes
    against companies like Judy's Book. socalTECH reported the original Series B venture round for Insider Pages in September of last year. The firm has been rumored to be looking to move north since that round, and was running a retained search for a VP of Engineering specifically in Northern


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