pj how's your knee

  • Javier

    Javier - 2005-10-12

    wha happen

    • PJ Cabrera

      PJ Cabrera - 2005-10-12

      I was helping a neighbor move some furniture to their second floor. The chairs and end tables weren't so bad, but the two sofas were heavy.

      Then came the wood cabinet behind the sofa, where he usually keeps his liquor and his wife puts her trinkets. It's about the size of the bigger sofa, and real wood! It weight a ton, empty.

      My knees were already aching from carrying two sofas up 30 - 40 steps. After we had finished, my left knee was killing me. After a few minutes it hurt to walk on it. After less than 30 minutes, I couldn't bend it easily and it was red and swollen.

      It still hurts to stand up from sitting, but sitting down and walking no longer hurt.

      My dad has an ultrasound kidney stone thing on Thursday at San Pablo (apparently he still has problems with those). So I will be out Thursday too.

      I plan to be in on Friday. Bring your PSP if you want to play over Wi-Fi after 4. I have something for every one. Ridge Racer, Burnout Legends, Wipeout, Need for Speed, Fired Up (similar to Twisted Metal, but bigger more realistic maps!) and ....


      a military infantry first person shooter that will remain unnamed in public forums until later. :-) Looks and plays awesome. Like Halo for PSP! Online only, which is fine (you play with people around the USA!)

    • Ernesto Díaz

      Ernesto Díaz - 2005-10-13

      Yeah, maybe I'm not going tomorrow to work since my "Muela" hurts a lot and I am not in the mood to see Pedro or Alejandro wanting to see the server's :)

      Today we kick ass on Halo on Javier's Home.

    • Javier

      Javier - 2005-10-25

      this we are going to see the "chupacabra" en casa de lenny

    • Pedro

      Pedro - 2005-10-25

      Cool Javier now you are on the bilingual stuff  :)


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