Showing AEI what happend if they don't read..

  • Ernesto Díaz

    Ernesto Díaz - 2005-09-04

    Well you wanted use to Post on AEI, well I did after seeing some of the AEI Users talking crap without even reading what there are posting, or look for more thing's to support what they are talking about. Take it away Jury...

    • Bullet Boy

      Bullet Boy - 2005-09-05

      That's what we've been talking about, we're trying to show 'em the way and they blast back with ignorant rants, incoherent to those who actually have knowledge of Linux & Open Source, so naturally, we're striking back, it's common sense. They better watch out, if they don't, PJ's gonna bitchSlap 'em all over campus :)

    • Javier

      Javier - 2005-09-09

      what a fight
      they can sell it in pay per view

    • Ernesto Díaz

      Ernesto Díaz - 2005-09-09

      The Fight would not sell because I will knock them dead in the first Round. So that's why we havent go to HBO yet, they even respond to my post on AEI forum.


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