Call for abstracts UMET MIE Symposium

  • Kevin W. Shockey

    The XVI Undergraduate Research Symposium 2005 will be Sptember 16-17 in San Juan Puerto Rico. It is mandatory that all student software engineers submit a proposal for this event. To view more information about this event, please go to

    Here are the requirements:

    1. Each proposal will be for an oral or poster presentation. Posters will be no larger than 4x6 feet.
    2. The deadline for the proposals is August 19, 2005.
    3. The proposals must be in English and no more than 300 words


    1. Each student software engineer must decide a topic and whether they want to do an oral or poster presentation.

    Due Date: Friday July 22, 2005.

    2. The first two sentences will be written in English.

    Due Date: Friday July 29, 2005.

    (I will proof read the sentences and return before Aug 1, 2005.

    3. Complete the full abstract of no more than 300 words.

    Due Date: Monday Aug 08, 2005.

    (I will proof read each and return before Aug 10, 2005)

    4. Second version of abstract is due on August 15th, 2005.

    5. Present abstract to group on Aug 16, 17

    6. Final abstract due on August 19, 2005.

    Remember: Participation is mandatory. No exceptions.

    • Kevin W. Shockey

      Does everyone get the importance of this post and the related tasks?

    • Bullet Boy

      Bullet Boy - 2005-07-21

      This looks interesting.

    • PJ Cabrera

      PJ Cabrera - 2005-07-21

      I think Cesar, Edwin, Ernesto, Javier, Manuel, and Pedro don't understand what you mean by "Participation is mandatory". :-)

      • Edwin Burgos

        Edwin Burgos - 2005-07-21

        Well, I made my mind about writing the abstract and presenting SNAPPIX long before it was mandatory, you should know that, I told you.

        • PJ Cabrera

          PJ Cabrera - 2005-07-22

          No one had responded to Kevin's comments, so when I posted that, I included everyone.

          But yeah, I had forgotten you had mentioned it.

          What do you plan to be presenting about SNAPPIX?

          • Edwin Burgos

            Edwin Burgos - 2005-07-22

            Well, what I have  in mind is to give them a little bit of background history on why was it created, plug the SNAP Platform here a little bit, future plans and how can it be useful to students, developers and even an university to use on a course. But then again, the way I have it on my mind, it might be too specific to a certain crowd and I don't want that. I gotta sit down and think of way to share my thougths in a way that can be enjoyed by everyone.

            I was thinking of speaking to some of my family  members and friends who don't know anything about....anything, tell them about SNAPPIX, check their reactions and take note of their questions, I think this might be a good way to get ready for a crowd and generate more ideas.

            I got more stuff on my mind but I just can't express them right, I guess that by talking to people I will be able to get them out and get a clear idea of what I should do.

            • PJ Cabrera

              PJ Cabrera - 2005-07-22

              I think you're on the right track, speaking with friends and family to see what questions they ask, and using that for material. Good idea.

    • Javier

      Javier - 2005-07-22

      I am going to do it about "Eclipse Platform in Snap and Snappix" how it work with our platform and the benefits. However i made my applications there.

      Kevin let me know what you think about it.

    • Kevin W. Shockey

      Edwin - Good
      Cesar Good
      Javier - Good

      Ernesto - Not so good
      Lenny - Not so good

      Manuel - Excused
      Pedro - Excused, I guess. If he has Internet, I don;t know why he can't post an idea

      • PJ Cabrera

        PJ Cabrera - 2005-07-23

        Maybe cuz he's actually ON VACATION?

        I'm getting a room with Internet connectivity while on vacation in PA after OSCON. I'll post in the forums while I'm out there, to help keep the stats up. And I'll check email and work on SNAP Platform stuff. But I'm sure as hell not going to be posting all day and working all day. I'm going to be on vacation.

        I bet he feels the same way.

    • lenny

      lenny - 2005-07-26

      Sorry for my late L-A-T-E reponse. Being missing this forum due to configuration problems heh. I'll be preparing mine in the following days :-)

    • lenny

      lenny - 2005-07-26

      Here's my optional title "Building the Web the Open Source Way" mmm is catchy don't ya think?

      • PJ Cabrera

        PJ Cabrera - 2005-07-27

        I like it, Lenny.

        And don't worry about the freaky scary talk in that sample abstract. That's because that student is a nerd and doesn't have a life. It's chemistry dude, not PHP.

        Just talk about what you know, and I'm sure everybody will know you're the Einstein of the web in PR. They think the web is drag and dropped with Dreamweaver, or worse, Frontpage. They don't know shit.

    • lenny

      lenny - 2005-07-26

      ahh mmm does anyone noticed that we have to pay to be there? whats the deal with that?

    • lenny

      lenny - 2005-07-26

      Are we in the right track? here's the sample abstract and TBH is freaking scary...Im no Albert Einstein. Anyways don't misunderstand my comments, im up for the chanllenge. Im sure we could fill our lines with crap like that thatwe'll lost them asap but at first I thought was way more simplier. Does anyone found the duration of each speech?

    • lenny

      lenny - 2005-07-26

      oops , here's the link for the sample  :-)

    • Ernesto Díaz

      Ernesto Díaz - 2005-07-27

      I am working on it.

    • lenny

      lenny - 2005-08-12

      Anyways im posting here again to have the post accesible for those who are INTERESTED in making their presentation so they can review the info.

    • cesar otero

      cesar otero - 2005-08-20

      I've posted my abstract to the action item, if anyone wants to look at it. And if anyone is interested I can help by doing some peer review of their presentations.


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