Microsoft keeps its open source enemies close

  • Javier

    Javier - 2005-06-30

    Are the software giant's recent attempts to reach out to the open source community genuine or just another example of its embrace, extend and extinguish strategy?

    At a conference sponsored by the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) in Maryland this spring, Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith made what some called Microsoft's first public effort to reconcile with the open source world. There was, Smith said, a "broad panoply of software development models", and Microsoft was "going to have to figure out how to build some bridges between the various parts of our industry".

    Microsoft might not be changing its development practices, but "bridges" were necessary "so that we all have the ability to collaborate with each other". He called for "some new rotations" in working together with the open-source community, sharing technology and intellectual property, and licensing.

    • Bullet Boy

      Bullet Boy - 2005-07-05

      It's never the less a commerical strategy.

    • Bullet Boy

      Bullet Boy - 2005-07-05

      It's nevertheless a commerical strategy.

    • PJ Cabrera

      PJ Cabrera - 2005-07-05

      I think it is pretty interesting that Microsoft's chief lawyer is calling for the reconciliation. The only reason a lawyer asks for friendly relations, is because they feel they would have something to lose if they don't act friendly.

      Hmmm ...

    • PJ Cabrera

      PJ Cabrera - 2005-07-07



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