What's your favorite Linux desktop?

  • Javier

    Javier - 2005-06-27

    Today, rather than reporting on licenses or distributions or Microsoft, I wanted to encourage a little bragging among fans of the Linux open source operating system.


    What is your favorite desktop Linux application? Which provides the most value to you? Which do you use most often? Which would be hardest for you to do without?

    I am asking specifically about applications, things outside the operating system. It's in applications that I think you find the value of an operating system, when you answer the question "well, what can you do with it?"

    Have fun.

    That's for you Snappers I want answers

    • Javier

      Javier - 2005-06-27

      I prefer application in the Suse desktop, but i am starting to use Fedora Core too

    • Bullet Boy

      Bullet Boy - 2005-06-27

      I'd have to say i really like all the apps and the file browsing konqueror provides on SuSe 9.3, i really dig it!!!!. I'm gonna start using Fedora Core 4, i can't say anything about it since i haven't used it in a while, still SuSe 9.3 rock a lot harder than the old versions, go figure!

    • Edwin Burgos

      Edwin Burgos - 2005-06-27

      I can't live without a Shell or Firefox.


    • PJ Cabrera

      PJ Cabrera - 2005-07-08

      I totally missed this post last week! Good job Javier!

      I really like SuSE, ever since version 8. All the applications, the level of integration in YaST, and the complete desktop experience are great.

      I just wish it came with better media support (none of the media players in SuSE support DivX.) But that can be fixed by installing VLC, MPlayer, or Kaffeine from source. It's a real pain to do this, though.

      And Samba shared folder browsing seems to be broken since version 9.0. I don't understand how something so important for the enterprise is broken in SuSE, (it's broken in Fedora Core too) but it works out of the box in Ubuntu and Debian.

    • Javier

      Javier - 2005-07-12

      Please all snappers give your opinion here...

      • PJ Cabrera

        PJ Cabrera - 2005-07-12

        I used to like GNOME, but now I think KDE is the bomb. KDE usability is pretty high.

        But Fluxbox is cool, because of its high degree of configurability in a small footprint (KDE is HUGE!)


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