A Web services primer

  • lenny

    lenny - 2005-06-17

    by Venu Vasudevan
    April 04, 2001
    Looking back over the last six years, it is hard to imagine networked computing without the Web. The reason why the Web succeeded where earlier hypertext schemes failed can be traced to a couple of basic factors: simplicity and ubiquity. From a service provider's (e.g. an e-shop) point of view, if they can set up a web site they can join the global community. From a client's point of view, if you can type, you can access services. From a service API point of view, the majority of the web's work is done by 3 methods (GET, POST, and PUT) and a simple markup language. The web services movement is about the fact that the advantages of the Web as a platform apply not only to information but to services.

    read more: http://webservices.xml.com/pub/a/ws/2001/04/04/webservices/index.html

    • Edwin Burgos

      Edwin Burgos - 2005-06-17

      Nice website. You know what, forget that specific link and just bookmark  http://webservices.xml.com

      Great website, I like it.


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